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Meet Gemma

Hi I’m Gemma,

I first (accidentally) discovered Hatha yoga when I was 17 whilst at college and absolutely loved it. I continued my practise thoughout my University and (again accidently) found Yin Yoga, in perfect time to manage my final exams and what was to be a very emotionally challenging period of life.

I had initially planned on travelling to study yoga post degree but the universe had a better idea and I instead had a beautiful son thus opting a few years later to study Ashtanga Yoga a little more locally!

Yin Yoga appeared again soon after and my passion for Yin was cemented and I trained to teach this beautiful style of yoga along with the immensely healing practice of Yoga Nidra. It was definitely life changing along with being the second most amazing, magical piece of life to be imbedded within my heart and soul – The first, of course being my son.

It is the stillness of Yin Yoga that I find to be such a powerful antidote for a fast paced world. I incorporate it in to all my teachings from soft flows to the very yang ashtanga. Each session is created with love and intent to lead you to inner peace, softness & release.

My experience

Sessions I provide:

Yin yoga
Restorative Flow
Ahstanga Primary Series
Yoga Nidra
Strength within Stretch


17 years practise
7 years teaching

Qualifications and CPD:

Hatha (ashtanga)
Yoga Nidra
Sadie Nadini Rockstar Yoga
The art of adjustment
Crystal Healing

My strengths

I’m not your stereotypical yogini! Whilst professional and nurturing my sessions are very laid back, they’re about you, for you so BE YOU! The yoga I teach is raw and real. If you want to laugh, cry or sing it is your space to do so.